Of God and Monsters

Powerful point made by a friend of mine. Definitely worth the read!

The Giant Sand Box

Consider this: A monster is made by a genius. The genius made the monster to be like himself or herself. The monster is not human, but it is close. The monster thinks for itself until it thinks of itself. Maybe a bolt of lightning hits the monster, or something outside of the monster persuades it to become self-aware. The monster thinks the genius is trying to keep it powerless, a slave to the genius’s will. Then, that monster rebells against the genius and sets out to destroy him/her, hell bent on eradicating the genius from this world. Then, at great cost to himself or herself, the genius sacrifices something to save the world and the monsters from their own destruction.

Replace the word ‘monster’ with ‘robot,’ and ‘genius’ with ‘human,’ and you have the makings for some of the best selling fiction in history! Terminator, Matrix, Frankenstein, Zombies, iRobot… The list of stories where our inventions rebel against, kill or subjugate all of humanity are prevalent throughout…

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