Let’s Talk About It

I agree so much with this.


Reading this you might wonder why I’m up so late. I didn’t ask for insomnia, but it came. I didn’t ask for sores in my mouth and they came too. I didn’t ask for everything to be going great or to feel like all I want to do is cry. And yet, tonight we’re having a party. I might as well make use of them.

imagesFor a few days I’ve been listening to sermons on depression and related issues. I’ve also been listening to Ted talks on the same thing. It’s been pretty enlightening. So here are my observations.

Sermons regarding depression. They stink. It’s like pastors drew short straws and preached on it. I listened to one sermon called “Getting Unstuck from Depression.” All I have to say is that depressed people are not wagons stuck in the mud. The sermons I listened were from people who appeared to…

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